September 11, 2017

Just after transplant

Recipient area appears red or blackish. There is an overall bruised appearance.
Use a simple cap (provided by clinic) to cover your head while going back.
The donor area is covered by dressing.
Feeling of no or minimal pain. Take pain killer as prescribed by doctor.
Day after the last day of FUE process

FUE procedure may take 2-3 days (if one is going for larger number of grafts, say 5000 or 6000

Go to clinic for first post operation hair wash and removal of dressing (or first wash at your place according to doctors instruction).
Some scab on transplanted area will still be visible.
Donor area and forehead will feel easy after removal of dressing.
Sometimes grafts get swollen and are visible on the skin as small white bumps post shower. It happens for a first few days owing to over sacking of grafts with water. It is not harmful for grafts. The bumps tend to disappear once the grafts get dry.
If there is any bleeding from transplanted area, it means that some of the grafts have been dislodged. Press that area with clean cloth. Bleeding will stop. It is important to be careful and care should be taken to not allow any such incident to happen again.
Normal saline spray – Hourly normal saline spray for 7 days on transplanted area. It helps with dissolving the scabs faster and speeds up the recovery period. spraying also keep the grafts moist and may reduce itching. it should start from the very next day after the last day of the procedure.
Days 3 to 5

Swelling is less in FUE as compared to FUT. It occurs only in 2 to 3% patients.
Swelling on the forehead or around the eyes may start on Days 3 & 4, and usually peaks on the 5th day. Keep consuming the prescribed steroids. It will help in minimising the swelling. Diabetic patients should avoid steroids.
Days 6-7

Grafts are settled now.
Remove any scab left.
Mild itching in this period is a sign of healing. Application of normal skin moisturiser can help with itching. If there is still itching, begin with the medicines as prescribed by your doctor.
Redness will be faint or absent by now.
Stop all antibiotic or any other medicine like pain killer post a week after last day of transplant.
2nd week

Transplanted grafts are firmly fixed by 10th day of procedure and can not be dislodged.
The transplanted follicles are in the resting phase now and transplanted grafts generally start losing their hair shafts (shedding). DO NOT WORRY.
Understand the shedding (transplanted hair loss after 2nd week) If you observe the shaded hairs, it may have a crust on the top and a bulb at the bottom. Remember that the bulb is not the root or the living part of the hair follicle. It is normal for the hair bulb, and associated crust to shed and this does not represent a lost graft. If a graft is actually lost (something that may occur in the first few days following the procedure), it would be associated with bleeding at the site of the lost graft. Therefore, until you don’t see any bleeding, do not worry.
Some pimple like structure (folliculitis) may appear on the recipient or donor area. Contact your doctor or follow the instruction prescribed by him in advance.
Start Minoxidil, Finasteride or any other medicines prescribed by the doctor from 10th day.
There would be a crew cut appearance on the donor area.
4th to 6th week

Hair shedding will continue.
Some folliculitis may appear at this time in some patients. Contact your doctor.
Acneform eruptions may seen on chest, back or arm in some patients. It is due to heavy medicines taken during first two weeks. It is nothing to worry about. Contact your doctor.
There will be numbness in the recipient area and donor area.
2nd to 3rd month

Hair shedding will stop by end of second month. Almost all transplanted shaft will shed off by 2nd month.
There would be some sign of regrowth by end of 3rd month.
There may be a shock loss. (Telogen effluvium) Shock loss refers to thinning of existing hair post transplant. Keep taking medicines like Minoxidil and Finasteride to reduce it.
Numbness in recipient area as well as donor area will vanish by end of 3rd month in most patients.
There may be itching at any point of time on transplanted area. It may be owing to dryness caused by Minoxidil plus destruction of sebaceous gland. One can apply hydrocortisone 1% ointment to an itchy area. Apply at least two times a day (up to four times may require). The patient may also try some natural oiling like coconut oil. Contact your doctor if the itching persists (as itching may be due to allergy or infection).
4th to 6th month

The new hair growth will be apparent by 5th month.
All the new hair will be grown by 6th month.
Continue with the medicines.
7th to 12th month

The transplanted hair will be fully grown.
There would be a positive change in personality.
Contact your doctor regarding continuation of medicines,
It’s photo time
12th to 18th month

By now you would be a happy person if you had chosen a good clinic.

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