September 11, 2017

Follicular units below the skin is always a puzzle for surgeons. The angle of hair changes as it leaves the scalp. The surgeons can only estimate it. Hence, advancement of punch inside the scalp is always a game of chance that leads to transaction of grafts. To minimise the transaction rate and enhance the speed of FUE, a French company MEDICAMAT has created a device called as SAFER®/NeoGraft® machine to automate FUE transplant. It helps in reduction of standard operation time as well as the transaction rate.

SAFER®/NeoGraft® perform two important function of FUE:



SAFER®/NeoGraft® extracts graft using shallow penetration. A rotating micro punch is used for initial scoring. Their strong suction system enables very rapid and accurate graft extraction. The extracted grafts are automatically carved in a receiver flask by suction pressure of the machine.
Safer use contra angle hand piece for optimum vision during extraction. Punches are available in various sizes ranging from 0.8 mm to 1.25 mm. They penetrate till attachment of arrector pili muscle.


Extracted grafts are taken out from the receiver flask and arranged on gauze. These grafts are then sucked into the hand, piece by suction pressure and implanted.


Less transaction (near zero).
Save time (almost 50%).
Reduced staff.

Although the company claims less trauma of grafts, but the biggest drawback with this machine is that suction damages the follicular unit grafts. There is no reason to use suction besides speed.
Poor result.
The machine is expensive.
Many other company have devised similar equipment all over globe.
SmartGraftTM is a similar device with additional function of automatically counting, storing and moistening the hair grafts. It further reduces extraction and implantation time than SAFER® / NeoGraft®.

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