September 11, 2017

Avoid rigorous activity for 10 days following FUE hair transplant.

Abstain from sexual intercourse and alcohol for first 3 days after transplant.

Avoid direct trauma to head for two weeks.

Abstain from smoking one week prior to surgery for two weeks after the procedure. Smoking is not good in multiple ways. It causes constriction of blood vessel which decreases the blood flow to the scalp. Also, owing to the presence of carbon monoxide in smoke, there is a reduction in the oxygen carrying capacity of blood. These two factors affects wound healing and increase chances of infection and scarring apart from a reduction in hair regrowth. Therefore, one should avoid smoking as long as possible before and after the procedure.

Exercise: Straining or stretching the back of the neck should be avoided for 10 days. Post 10 days after the transplant, heavy exercise can be resumed.

Swimming should be postponed till 10 days after the transplant.

Avoid sun for 2 to 3 months. While going out, hat or sunscreen lotion of SPF 30+ should be used for 3 months after 15 days of transplant (as direct sunlight may damage transplanted area and newly transplanted hair).

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