January 25, 2018

BIMATOPROST 0.3% are approved by us fad for eye lash is prostaglandin modulator.It is used to make eyelashes longer, thicker and darker.
Applied once a day to the base of upper need to apply on the lower eyelid. As it gets medicine from upper eyelid while blinking. It works in over 75% of those using it. Bimatoprost takes about 16 weeks to work.

How it works?
It works by affecting the growth of hair follicles by increasing the percent of hairs in the anagen (growth) phase of the hair cycle and increasing the duration of this phase. It also increases the size of the dermal papilla (hair bulb). These actions have the effect of making the hair longer and thicker. The drug will also stimulate pigment cells in the skin and hair follicles (melanogenesis).

Side effect
Itchy eyes, Redness and Skin pigmentation.
The rare side effect of iris pigmentation that can occur when Bimatoprost has been used in much higher doses for glaucoma has not been reported when it is used to treat eyelashes, but this is still a potential risk.

Although bimatoprost has been approved for use on eyelashes, its potential benefit in making eyebrows more fuel is currently being explored. This off-label use is, of course, an easy added advantage of using the medication, since there is usually enough medication left on the applicator stick to use on the eyebrows as well – for those who desire thicker brows. In our practice, we have found that bimatoprost is effective in thickening eyebrows, although the results are not quite as dramatic as with eyelashes.

Androgenetic alopecia
Bimatoprost is still in clinical trial phase for hair loss
Bimatoprost act by stimulating prostaglandin f2alpha which promote hair growth.
Some study shows that it may be possible that 1% and 3% bimatoprost provide slightly superior result than 5% minoxidil.
And 1% bimatoprost provide better result than 3% brimatoprost .

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